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BLUEFISH SPORT® uses only the highest quality performance fabrics that are innovative, quality engineered to guarantee comfort and style for today’s active woman. These fabrics are designed for any lifestyle and make up our Athleisure collections.

BLUEFISH SPORT® SUPPLEX is a durable fabric made up of 88% Supplex and 12% Lycra combined to make Power Supplex, one of the highest quality Supplex fabrics on the market. Supplex stretches up to 500% with bidirectional recovery to greatly enhance fit and performance characteristics while providing a full range of motion. Supplex manages moisture, wicks away sweat, is fully breathable and keeps its vibrant color wash after wash. Supplex will never pill or fade and is odor resistant, biodegradable and UV protection +50. 

BLUEFISH SPORT® SUPPLEX LIGHT is a lighter version of Supplex that has more stretch and is not as heavy as Power Supplex. Supplex will never pill or fade and is odor resistant, biodegradable and UV protection 50+. 

BLUETECH is a new fashionable yet functional fabric consisting of a blend of Nylon/Poly/Lycra possessing the same high performance characteristics of Supplex. BlueTech has UV protection, moisture management and stretches up to 500% with bidirectional recovery to greatly enhance fit and performance with a full range of motion. BlueTech is fully breathable, will never pill or fade and is odor resistant, biodegradable and UV protection 50+. BlueTech fabric is sublimated making it softer and fashionable with the latest print trends.

FRESH FIT is a versatile performance fabric that is breathable, loose-fitting, relaxed comfort and effective moisture control. Fresh Fit offers UV protection and colorfastness to washing and sunlight. Has a four-way stretch and holds its shape. Fresh Fit will never pill or fade.

DESIGNER PRINTS is a silky Supplex/Lycra blend that feels like butter on your body. UV protection and eco friendly, this fabric has a four-way stretch with full range of motion. Designer prints are moisture wicking, odor resistant and have a dri-fit formula. Designer prints will not pill or fade and will look and feel silky soft wash after wash. New digital printing provides a vibrant, colorful alternative to traditional printing techniques. It will never fade and is odor resistant, biodegradable and UV protection 50+. 

VISCOSE LYCRA has all the benefits of cotton but is made from a natural fiber that feels like silk and retains fluid movement. It is breathable, moisture wicking, dries quickly and maintains its comfortable fit and shape even after repeated washing. Has a soft-hand like cotton but will not shrink or pill like cotton.

BLUEFISH SPORT® SILK is a silky soft-hand that has performance characteristics such as UV protection, moisture wicking, odor resistance, dri-fit management and will not pill or fade. BF silk is used for many of our cover ups due to its loose, flowing qualities. Maintains longevity because of its quality but feels silky soft to the touch.

BLUEFISH SPORT® AIRY MESH is milled exclusively for Bluefish Sport. Our very versatile, comfortable stretch mesh Lycra that possesses the high-performance characteristics of our other durable performance fabrics. This mesh is resistant to snagging, is a highly breathable fabric that wicks away perspiration and has a smooth, open soft-hand with excellent shape retention and support. Antimicrobial technology keeps it smelling fresh and feeling great throughout the day.

BLUEFISH SPORT® PLUSH is an innovative fashionable fabric that feels like velvet but possesses performance characteristics like moisture wicking, UV protection, odor resistance and colorfastness against washing and sunlight. Similar to velour but functional as a sports performance fabric, this is fashionable and great for traveling or to keep you warm after your favorite workouts.

MICROTOUCH is a new addition to the collection that is an innovative fabric that feels like butter and is silky soft yet possesses all of the characteristics of Supplex. Super comfortable, this fabric is becoming the favorite over Supplex with its silky soft four-way stretch and moisture management properties. These Athleisure collections have antibacterial formulas with dri-fit properties and UV protection which makes this fabric perfect for any sport or for running errands around town. It will never fade and is odor resistant, biodegradable and UV protection 50+. 

TACTEL is a light flat-weave performance fabric with elongation, designed especially for sportswear. Tactel technologies include; colorfastness to washing and sunlight, moisture wicking and antibacterial formulas with dri-fit properties. Tactel fabric has elongation and recovery with UV protection and keeps the user comfortable which makes this one of the preferred innovative products for sports performance.

BLUEFISH SPORT® BURNOUT is a cotton ‘burnout’ material woven for Bluefish Sport®. Super lightweight and super comfortable, this Lycra/Cotton blend allows for a superior stretch, comfort and fit. Soft and see through and makes a great cover up for activewear.

YOGA SOFT is a soft ribbed Lycra blend that fits snug to the body, making it the perfect fabric that moves with you during yoga or stretching. Feels like butter on your body and has moisture wicking qualities, dri-fit formula and UV protection. Antibacterial with bidirectional recovery, Yoga Soft will not pill, fade or shrink. 



Wear with Confidence

  • Wash 'Gentle Cycle' in cold water or hand wash
  • Wash with similar fabrics
  • Use very mild soap; no bleach
  • Rinse well
  • Remove from wash immediately, do not let items soak


  • Tumble dry 'Low'
  • Hang dry in shade only