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Living in the moment

Living in the moment

Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a gift, that is why they call it the "present".  Living in the present is the most joy filled way to live and I never really understood this until I had children.  We live in a fast-paced competitive world which requires us to plan ahead and review historical data to make proper decisions for the future.  I struggle with this mindset as a business owner I am constantly forced to look into the future to plot and manage the course of the business.  For instance, I am a designer so it is imperative that I scope out future trends so that my designs are relevant and in line with what consumers want.  Additionally, my business requires that I plan in advance so that I have collections to launch the following year for spring summer and fall winter every year.  The idea on paper to the day of the launch could take up to two years before it is complete.  A designer must also look to the past for ideas and inspirations.  Additionally, from a business perspective, we must review historical data, behaviors, and sales to determine what sales planning and budgets must be implemented and executed.   How does one strive for a peaceful existence by living in the moment when your business depends on you living in the future AND the past.  In my experience, you must make a conscious decision to be at peace and take action to have this inner calm and joy from living in the moment.  First and foremost, having an attitude of gratitude is the glue that holds all of this together and makes it possible to achieve any and every goal.  Second, daily meditation and prayer to quite the mind.  Taking action to grow and nurture the body and soul through taking care of one's health and wellness, being true to yourself, having appreciation and acceptance of every circumstance in your life.  Finally, helping others and participation in making the world a better place.  In today's busy world this is easier said than done, which is why I mention that is a conscious decision to do this on a daily basis.  When I am thrown off balance, or feel I need to regroup spending time with my children is the answer.  They remind me about living in the present and appreciating every moment.  Children have no concept of time and they are not burdened with the same issues that we are on a daily basis so their outlook is pure, genuine and carefree.  These are qualities we lose along the way that comes from being an adult and having responsibility.  My children remind me every day to be more like them and live in the moment.  I sit here and write this today as I embark on the new collections for 2017 so I hope that my carefree and whimsical attitude will be expressed in the new designs with of course, a flair of attitude, "Attitude of Gratitude" that is.

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