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Become a Bluefish Sport® Mentor
Bluefish Sport® Mentors are athletes, coaches, instructors, trainers and fitness enthusiasts who are loyal customers who train in our clothing and promote our brand at every opportunity. These are the people who make us who we are, they are our fan base, people who travel the world wearing our great products and educating consumers about why they need to be a part of Bluefish Sport® Culture. They are members of our Bluefish Sport® Family!

Athletes proudly wear our clothes because they know that our apparel actually enhances their performance. Become a Bluefish Sport® Mentor and earn free clothes and receive discounts for you and for your clients. Your efforts will be rewarded with free clothing and monthly postings on our Web site, along with promotions in our newsletter as well.

Featured Bluefish Sport® Mentor

Sandi Visnov-


How to Become a Bluefish Sport® Mentor

Simply email us at and send us your proof of employment, along with your current certifications. A member of our Bluefish Sport® Family will contact you with your Bluefish Sport® ID, so that you and your clients can immediately start enjoying Bluefish Sport® discounts! Your clients will thank you for allowing them the opportunity to earn discounts on their favorite clothing!

Our clothes are "Designed for the Body and Made for the Soul," and you are spreading the word about a spiritual, functional and fashionable line of clothing that you and your clients will enjoy wearing throughout the day!